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Why MyMi is better

When you take it out of the box, it is immediately ready to protect your children. You don’t need your smartphone, but you can use the app to add more safety for your baby!

1. Smart pad

Universal smart pad for all the types of car seats!

2. Keychain-tracker

The keychain-tracker rings and flashes in case you leave the car and the baby is still on board

3. Free app for Android/iOS

The Android (5.0+) and iOS (13.0+ & Apple Watch) compatible app assures you a double-level protection. In case you leave the car and the baby is still on board, every associated smartphone rings, flashes and vibrates, alarming the driver and the familiars of the child.

MyMi assures you a triple level security to protect the ones you love


Declaration of Conformity

An anti-abandon device must:

MyMi starts working as soon as you put the baby on the seat

MyMi starts working automatically, as soon as the baby is on board. If the smart pad doesn’t detect the keychain tracker or if the Bluetooh of your smartphone is turned off, MyMi frequently beeps to warn you.

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