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MyMi setup

In this page you can find the instructions to properly setup the keychain tracker

Connecting the keychain tracker to the pad

If you have aleady connected other keychain trackers or smartphones to the pad, they could automatically connect. Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and take other trackers away, far from the pad until the new connection is over.

  1. Turn the tracker on, pressing the botton for 2 seconds
  2. Keep pressing the MyMi pad: you will hear a long beep when it’s on, and then 3 beeps every 10 seconds
  3. Keep pressing the pad while you’re pressing the tracker’s botton for 6-7 seconds: in 20 seconds your pad and your tracker will be connected and you’ll hear a long beep.

Your tracker will flash every 10 seconds.

If the tracker isn’t connected to the pad, you’ll keep hearing 3 beeps every 10 seconds from the pad in the first 2 minutes, then 3 beeps every 60 seconds: repeat the connection.

You have to turn the tracker on and connect it to the pad just for the first time you use your MyMi.

Checking if the keychain tracker is connected to the pad

First of all turn off other connected phones’ Bluetooth and take away other connected keychains tracker far form the pad.

  1. Keep pressing the pad: you’ll hear a first starting beep.
  2. You’ll hear 3 beeps every 10 seconds from the pad, until the connection with your tracker is over. The connection is automatic: it can take up to 40 seconds.
  3. Once connected, you can hear a long confirming beep from the pad.
  4. Once connected, your keychain tracker will flash every 10 seconds and the pad stops beeping.

If your keychain tracker doesn’t flash and your pad keeps beeping, ripeat the connection.

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